The Bullpen

Military Discipline. Engineering Rigor.

The Bulls Run Group® is a uniquely equipped group of transformation experts that partners with clients to battle through adversity, uncertainty, and cost obstacles. Our team delivers solutions for the highest risk work domains.


Colonel (Ret.) Stoney Trent, Ph.D.

Founder and President

Cognitive Engineer and Military Intelligence and Cyber Warfare veteran. Stoney is a research professor and principal advisor for research and innovation at Virginia Tech. He designed and secured over $350M to stand up the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) for the Department of Defense. As the Chief of Missions in the JAIC, Stoney established product lines to deliver human-centered AI to improve warfighting and business functions in the world’s largest bureaucracy. Previously, he established and directed U.S. Cyber Command’s $50M applied research lab, which develops and assesses products for the Cyber Mission Force. Stoney has served as a Strategic Policy Research Fellow with the RAND Arroyo Center, and is a former Assistant Professor in the Department of Behavioral Science and Leadership at the United States Military Academy. He has served in combat and stability operations in Iraq, Kosovo, Germany, and Korea. Stoney is a graduate of the Army War College and former Cyber Fellow at the National Security Agency.

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) James Doty III, Ph.D.


Military Intelligence veteran, historian, and leadership development coach. Jim is an Adjunct Professor at The University of Texas at Arlington. He provides operational expertise for defense and intelligence technology development. As the Senior Intelligence Officer for the National Training Center (NTC) in Fort Irwin, CA, Jim coordinated the planning and execution of intelligence training and wargames for Army units preparing to deploy, and collaborated with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s INSIGHT program. As a Professor of Military Science, he directed leadership and military technical training for cadets preparing for commissions in the US Army. Jim has served as a Strategic Policy Research Fellow with the RAND Arroyo Center and is a former Assistant Professor of Military History at the United States Military Academy. He has deployed to combat and other operations in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Kosovo.

Jared Gregersen

Senior Cloud Engineer

Over 18 years’ experience in Enterprise Information Technology, providing datacenter infrastructure, disaster recovery, application and database platforms, and software development support expertise. Jared has served in positions within higher education, the energy sector, fortune 500 companies, and local and federal government. He specializes in server, network, storage and virtualization implementations, incorporating technologies from industry leaders including Cisco, EMC, Dell, HP, BigIP, Microsoft, VMware, Oracle, Riverbed, and RedHat. Jared has played key roles in disaster recovery, data integration, and virtualization projects, often serves as a leader, and is equally versed in development and infrastructure technologies. Jared brings with him a comprehensive knowledgebase, resulting from the experience of supporting disparate environments, and provides him a unique situational awareness in order to solve technical challenges and design creative solutions to meet complex business requirements.

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Glenn A. Hodges, Ph.D.

Chief, Modeling and Simulation

A 28-year Army veteran Simulation Operations officer experienced in the planning, development, and assessment of models and simulation environments used to support analysis, testing, experimentation, and training. Glenn earned his Masters and Ph.D. degrees from the US Naval Postgraduate School where he most recently served as and Assistant Professor and Deputy Director for the Modeling, Virtual Environments, and Simulation (MOVES) Institute. Glenn has led and participated on interdisciplinary teams developing synthetic environments for equipment prototyping and training, identifying interoperability solutions between the US and UK Armies, and spearheading the creation of the US Army Human Behavior Representation working group that implemented a representation of the human will to fight in the OneSAF simulation program. Glenn is passionate about the smart development and proliferation of environments that help clients optimize their performance.

Robert R. Hoffman, Ph.D.

Principal Experimental Psychologist

Robert Hoffman is a recognized world leader in cognitive systems engineering and Human-Centered Computing. He is a Senior Member of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics and Engineers, Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science, Fellow of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, and a Fulbright Scholar. His Ph.D. is in experimental psychology from the University of Cincinnati. His Postdoctoral Associateship was at the Center for Research on Human Learning at the University of Minnesota. He served on the faculty of the Institute for Advanced Psychological Studies at Adelphi University. He has been Principal Investigator, Co-Principal Investigator, Principal Scientist, Senior Research Scientist, or Principal Author on over 60 grants and contracts including alliances of university and private sector partners. He has been a consultant to numerous government organizations. He has been recognized internationally in the fields of psychology, remote sensing, human factors engineering, intelligence analysis, weather forecasting, and artificial intelligence—for his research on the psychology of expertise, the methodology of cognitive task analysis, human-centering issues for intelligent systems technology, and the design of macro-cognitive work systems. His current work focuses on "Explainable AI."

Lieutenant Commander (Ret.) Jennifer Johnson, Ph.D.

PRINCIPAL Experimental Psychologist

Jennifer has over 15 years leading, working with, and studying complex operators and teams within safety critical organizations. She has served as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer, Maintenance Inspector, Pilot, Mishap investigator, and Experimental Psychologist in the U.S. Marine Corps and the Medical Service Corps of the U.S. Navy. She has personally trained, led, formed, and funded teams to optimize human performance, integrating Human Factors Engineering (HFE); Manpower, Personnel, and Training (MPT); health hazard and medical concerns; safety factors; survivability factors; and habitability considerations into the Department of Defense system acquisition process. Additionally, she has written policy for technology sharing across military services, protection agencies, and multiple nations for sharing of biometric data. She is an Adjunct Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University currently teaching core Master’s Degree level classes for the System Engineering and Human Factors tracks.

Brig. Gen. Robert Kinney

Principal Associate

Bobby is an Air National Guardsman with 31 years of service and is a former wing/base commander of an intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and strike wing which supported contingency operations across the world 24/7/365. He previously served at the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) as the Missions Director where he was responsible for leading artificial intelligence (AI) coordinating activities and with accelerating the delivery of $250M per year in high-impact AI projects across the Department of Defense (DoD). Bobby is a career intelligence officer and was instrumental in the stand-up of more than 20 Air National Guard ISR units and has served extensively within the Air Force ISR enterprise having deployed around the world in support of contingency operations in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the homeland. Bobby received an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Maine, a Masters of Business Administration from Webster University, and a Master of Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College. He is published and is a graduate of programs at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and the Wharton School of Executive Education, University of Pennsylvania. Bobby still serves and is assigned to United States Forces Korea.

Major Christopher Long, Ph.D.


Paul Naughton Associate Professor of Management at the Peter J. Tobin College of Business, St. John’s University in New York City. He has served as a faculty member of Georgetown University, Duke University, and Washington University in St. Louis and has almost two decades of experience as an Army officer. In his award-winning research, he examines the decisions and actions that organizational leaders take within complex and dynamic business environments to optimize performance along a variety of key performance objectives. He has extensive experience consulting with multi-national corporations on issues of leadership, performance management, organizational design, and organizational change. He holds a Master's Degree in Public Policy from Harvard University and a PhD in Management from Duke University.

Diana Periquito

Business Operations Manager

Leveraging her experience finance, manufacturing, and engineering sectors, Diana brings domestic and international best practices to the Bulls Run Group. As a Product Analyst at an international manufacturing company, Diana was able to review holistically the entire process for product development and reduced faulty materials throughout the supply chain. As a Senior Analyst for a global financial firm, Diana conducted research on multiple market segments, performed data analysis, and quality control on multiple projects. Diana is a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker, also possessing an advanced proficiency in Spanish. Diana has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a graduate certificate in Business Management and Strategy. She is currently pursuing a graduate certificate in Big Data & Analytics.

Lee Preslandbyrne

UX and Marketing Communications

Lee is a UX Designer with global commerce knowledge and has trained professionals around the world on communication and user behaviors in specified regions. With her love of understanding and connecting with people, she obtained her UX Design Certificate in 2019 and has volunteered for nonprofit companies in helping the world be a better place. In her ex-lives, with her degree in Business, she has worked in marketing and e-commerce for several years, leading to teaching the world about western consumerism. She has been awarded for highest client service rating feedback for three straight years back to back in teaching B2B professionals. Before UX Design, she was a digital nomad, traveling the world as a freelance designer ranging from website designing, photographic services to video production. She has a passion for creative software and has worked with many digital and prototyping solutions such as Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Sketch, inVision, and Procreate.

Brig. Gen. Frank Roy

Principal Business Operations Manager

Frank is an Air National Guardsman, and former Air Refueling Wing/Base Commander. As a combat veteran with 3900+ flying hours in multiple USAF aircraft and US Army helicopters, he has extensive experience in aviation, operational risk mitigation/management (ORM), and crew resource management (CRM). As a senior leader in the Maine National Guard, he responsible for the readiness and employment of 1100+ airman and serves as the Vice Chair of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee (Northeast) for the Air National Guard. Previously, Frank developed interagency relationships, policies, and procedures as the Air Refueling Weapons System Council (WSC) Chair. An executive leader with operational experience as pilot, flight simulator instructor, Maintenance Quality Assurance Officer, and Safety Officer, Frank understands and bridges tactical problems with strategic guidance and solutions.

Agnieszka Samsel

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources expert with cross-cultural experience and people analytics competency. Aga served in positions in finance, shipbuilding, retail, and hospitality industries and gives back by volunteering for the Skagit Island Human Resource Management Association. She lived and worked in Poland, Ecuador, and Spain, which allowed her to gain global commerce knowledge and appreciation for global cultures. She holds two Master’s Degrees – in Economics and Business Administration. This background provided her with a strong foundation of statistics, data analysis and ability to see the ‘big picture’ and make recommendations on how to increase organizational performance. Aga believes in leveraging people-related analytics to drive business decisions, improve efficiency and elevate employee experience.

Amy Sliva, Ph.D.

Senior Computer Scientist

Computational social scientist with expertise in artificial intelligence, cyber security, and international security and economics. Amy is an Assistant Professor and Program Director of Computer Science at King’s College, and has also served on the faculty of Northeastern University in both Computer Science and Political Science. She has over 15 years experience developing large-scale data analytics and artificial intelligence models of human behavior to support decision making in the National Security and Intelligence Communities, with particular focus on proactive cyber defense through modeling cyber adversary behaviors, identifying optimal courses of action in complex and uncertain environments, and developing causal models of interdependent PMESII (political, military, economic, social, information, infrastructure) dimensions in international conflict. As an experienced Principal Investigator and Project Manager, Amy has led diverse, interdisciplinary teams as a prime on DARPA and IARPA programs as well as SBIR/STTR research initiatives. Amy collaborated with the National Defense University on analysis of the strategic and legal aspects of cyber warfare and worked for the World Bank developing behavioral modeling technologies for education logistics and planning in Nigeria.

Martin Voshell, Ph.D.

Chief Strategist and Principal Cognitive Engineer

Business strategist and Cognitive Systems Engineer with over 15 years of experience leading, managing, and executing the research, design, and fielding of advanced human-centered solutions and products for Defense and Commercial applications. Martin has managed a wide range of science and technology programs focused on advanced human interface design for Intelligence Community operations, manned/unmanned teaming in multi-domain operations, and live, virtual, constructive (LVC) technology integration for design and training. As a seasoned Principal Investigator, Project Manager, Proposal Manager, and Capture Manager, he has successfully led a wide variety of projects supporting large system integrator product development, priming DARPA program technical areas, and managing SBIR/STTR research projects. A well published expert in human machine teaming and system design, Martin has led work with stakeholders at EPRI to publish guidelines for the design of interfaces for future electric power systems, conducted field work with robotic search and rescue and emergency response teams in the US and the Netherlands.

Colonel (Ret.) John Wasko, Ph.D.

PRINCIPAL Data Scientist

Data scientist and multi-tour combat veteran. Educated as an engineer (B.S.), in operations research (M.S), in measurement and statistics (Ph.D.), John has served on the faculty of N.C. State, Virginia Tech, and the United States Military Academy Math Sciences Department. John’s government work experience on the Army Staff, National Security Agency, Defense Information Systems Agency and U.S. Cyber Command is complemented with commercial experience at a big-four consulting firm and an AI/ML focused small business. That background enables a rapid ramp up to the latest technologies in areas such as data visualization, cognitive automation, and dynamic risk assessments. From implementing a 15K organizational restructure, longitudinal analysis reshaping a multi-billion 5-year budget, or leading technology insertion/adaptation efforts, John brings analytical rigor enabling data-driven decisioning to improve organizational efficacy, whether internal or client-facing products/services.