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You can go fast by yourself,
but you can go further with the group.

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The Bulls Run Group is a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business that delivers human-centered technologies for high risk work. We specialize in cyberspace operations, aviation, intelligence analysis, military command and control, maintenance, and logistics.

It is easy to confuse today's problems as simple technology gaps. Entire industries thrive on delivering technologies that advertise simplification and efficiency, but ultimately complicate work and demand differently skilled workers.

Furthermore, many successful organizations lack the internal capacity to rigorously plan and successfully implement new initiatives. The Bulls Run Group sees innovation as a team activity, where we can help clients make their best ideas even better.

FEDRAMP and NIST Compliant.

Innovations are always recombinations of people, technology, and work.


The Bulls Run Group plans, develops, and integrates technologies to create high performance organizations. We're not a think tank; we’re a “do” tank. Our experts cultivate innovation and create order out of chaos to accomplish your vision.

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