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Innovation is never an individual pursuit. It is a team effort, which is enabled or hindered by organizations and leaders. Unfortunately, most organizations are already stretched systems that lack the bandwidth and expertise to deliver executable implementation plans. The Bulls Run Group offers complementary engineering services to enable companies to achieve their vision.

Clients comprise People, Technology, and Work. Expertise and Bandwidth are limited. Good ideas outpace execution. Momentum can be crippling.
Plans are constrained by Policies and Regulations.
The Bulls Run Group reinforces clients with expertise to breach obstacles and avoid confusion.
Competing companies seek to beat you to the objective.
We offer the experience to help your team cope with adversity, navigate bureaucracy, and reduce the uncertainty of your project.
All to bring you to the achievement of your vision.


The Bulls Run Group® enables innovation through a collaborative planning process that has been adapted from military operations. Our approach has demonstrated success in not only military settings, but also academic and industry work groups.

Mission Analysis
Technology development, business development, and modernization planning for clients

Interdisciplinary field studies to elucidate facts about People, Technology and Work in order to inform system requirements and test plans

Cybersecurity Services

The Bulls Run Group® Cyber Team consists of National Guard, Reserve, and former Active Duty cyber warfare experts. This elite team has defended our Nation's most sensitive cyber terrain and is now offering similar support to our clients. We offer three types of Cybersecurity Services that enable for secure operations and resilient technologies.

Vulnerability Assessments And Incident Response
Our military experts perform threat detection and mitigation using world-class, military-grade cybersecurity products.

Expert Security Engineers enable the deployment of new technologies to defense systems. This includes system security planning, and navigating the Risk Management Framework to secure Authorities to Operate on government systems.


Commercial technologies can be deployed in real world settings to identify and correct faults. Military technologies, however, cannot wait for conflicts to reveal deficiencies. The Bulls Run Group plans and executes realistic human-machine team assessments for high risk work domains. These test events de-risk acquisitions with engineering rigor and work domain expertise, and are increasingly important for AI-enabled systems.

Bulls Run Foundry

The Bulls Run Group® operates a modern software factory that employs agile development practices and Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) to deliver software to cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments.

Expertise, Time, and Resources are limited.
Technologies are constrained by Policies and Culture.
The Bulls Run Group deploys experts to understand Legacy Systems, Operational Problems, Data, Sponsors/ Customers, and Users.
To orient a non-linear development process that delivers Human-Centered Technologies.
Traditional methods yield clunky, non-scalable, non-secure, and/or unusable technology.

TEchnology Development

Our cross-functional product teams continuously elicit mission critical facts about users, problems, data, and legacy workplace technologies to orient agile Secure Development Operations (SecDevOps).

Military System Integration

Great capabilities are often components of larger military systems. Our system architects and engineers design and implement the interfaces between new technologies and legacy systems.